2017 has been a fantastic year of capacity building for the MANP.

We are responding to your input regarding your preferences, advancing our capacity to protect your scope of practice and effectively increasing public awareness of and access to naturopathic physicians for all Montanans. 

  • We have established significant corporate partnerships. Your reciprocal support of our Corparts helps us nurture and maintain these relationships, which in turn make it possible for your professional organization to function as a co-equal peer among health care providers in Montana.


  • We have re-engaged with the lobbyist who represented us so well in the 2017 legislature. Abigail St Lawrence has devoted herself to learning our philosophy and priorities. She initiated collaborative relationships with like-minded professional entities that will serve the MANP to function as an effective body representing your practice interests in the MT legislature into the future.


  • We have established a executive director position that allows for ever-increasing levels of service to you as well as providing capacity to respond in a timely way to challenges and opportunities. Your ED works with our lobbyist to monitor the medical and pharmacy boards as well as the rule-making authorities via the ARM; the ED meets regularly with other ND-association executives in collaborative relationships of mutual support; organizes executive board meetings and continuing education opportunities; maintains our institutional record and protects our financial health; acts as liaison with allied professional and is point-person for inquires from NDs interested in a Montana practice.


  • Your executive director has caught and corrected misleading information about natural medicine printed by Lee Enterprise newspapers; we have initiated a Drugs of Natural Origin identification project with the UM Skaggs School of Pharmacy; we have assisted in the successful search for both an OB doc as well as a pharmacist for our licensing board.


  • We have developed infrastructure to protect our corporate interests and make possible the development of public initiatives to educate the public, our citizen legislators and our professional colleagues about the value of and access to naturopathic medicine.


  • We have articulated and codified a fair and transparent election process, as well as a Working Group structure to support your leadership capacities and forward our mission to ensure universal access to naturopathic medicine for all Montanans.


  • We have developed aMembers-Only Log-In aspect you the MANP website, to provide you exclusive benefits, including practice development resources and more.


  • We have evaluated how best to fulfill your needs for continuing education and expanded your choices! MANP members can now purchase on-line continuing education through our sister organization, the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA), at AzNMA member discount prices- and, the MANP receives 50% of the fee you pay- Win-Win! We are actively engaged in creating similar arrangements with larger naturopathic associations across the US.

Please, we need everyone’s participation to optimize naturopathic practice in Montana.

Join up, and join in!

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL ends January 31, 2018!