MANP Executive Officer Candidates

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Executive Committee: The officers of the MANP are designated the Executive Committee (EC). The EC is comprised of the elected officers- President,Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the EC, hired, managed and evaluated by the EC. The EC are honored with and accept responsibility for making almost all decisions for the MANP.

The MANP membership has the power to vote for the elected officials of the association, and the power to approve the annual budget presented at the annual business meeting. Every other decision, including financial management, prioritization of the use of funds, legislative action choices, representing the MANP to the public and the hiring and firing of staff, is the right and responsibility of the EC. 

Commitment to a position on the EC should be informed by the following:

  • A thorough reading and comprehension of MANP Bylaws, Code of Ethics, policy and procedure; an interest in and appreciation for MANP history and current culture
  • The ability and willingness to contribute effectively to the mission and goals of the Association. The 2016-2017 MANP EC estimates they have given approximately 4 hours monthly to their EC responsibilities; time commitments are more demanding during the months that the Montana legislature is in session
  • The ability and willingness to read and respond to communications regarding process and projects of the EC and other MANP-related entities and functions
  • The ability and willingness to attend scheduled meetings of the EC. In 2016-2017, the EC has met once a month for one hour on the first Wednesday of every month, plus for 30 minutes at 1230 pm every Monday through the legislative session. Officers may be excused in advance from any meeting. Officers who miss more than 2 EC meetings without advanced notice may be asked to resign and their vacated position filled by EC appointment.
  • A position on the MANP EC offers the value of the officer’s time, attention and talent to the needs of the whole MANP; the position offers the officer opportunity to learn leadership and management skills; to network with other professionals and organizations and enhance the officer’s professional profile and skill set.