The Naturopathic Physicians Chronic Pain Initiative is a public relation effort MANP to educate Montanans and our citizen legislators about how naturopathic physicians practice in Montana.

Download  MANP.CPI Brochure or contact info@MontanaND.org to purchase print brochures for your office

The MANP/CPI is an explicitly purposeful choice for this campaign; we have an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the ND contribution to a current, nationally-recognized and Montana-specific health care crisis, that is, combined chronic pain and opioid medication misuse.

Now is a time to speak up like we never have before. Montanans need to know that naturopathic medicine works, in clear contrast to the conventional medical therapies that have proven inadequate for chronic pain as well contributing to the devastation of opioid addiction on one hand and threatening access to essential therapy on the other.

Naturopathic physicians in general practice successfully treat a broad spectrum of pain syndromes. In our practice we will address connective tissue pain, gynecologic pain, neuropathic pain, gut pain, migraines, oncologic pain and emotional pain, for example. Naturopathic medicine offers uniquely effective, safe and arguably cost-effective non-drug therapies that are desperately needed by folks not yet our patients.

Naturopathic physicians offer patient care that incorporates whole food nutrition, clinically proven nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, homeopathic medicines, and gut- microbiota therapy to optimize the metabolism of tissue repair and restoration of function.

Naturopathic specialist may offer a variety of physical modalities including hydrotherapy, ultrasonography, low level laser, venous sclerotherapy, tissue dessication therapy, regenerative injection therapies, somatic adjustments and a variety of body-work techniques.

NDs may be dual licensed in acupuncture and all NDs enjoy collaboration with colleagues in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda, counseling and psychotherapy specialties, chiropractic, osteopathic and conventional allopathic fields. Pre- and post-operative support planned with a ND will enhance prevention of complication and accelerate healing in a surgical plan of care.

Naturopathic physicians are joining a confluence of professional entities that are intently addressing the epidemic of chronic pain and the problem of opioid misuse. We are stepping up to our place at the table to serve in this foundational capacity in our communities.  Our professional colleagues want to know who they can collaborate with. The MANP Chronic Pain Initiative provides  an accurate and complete understanding of what naturopathic medicine offers to the epidemic of chronic pain and opiate misuse.

Download  MANP.CPI Brochure or contact info@MontanaND.org to purchase print brochures for your office