Here’s what we accomplished together in 2018:
We hosted our 28th-annual conference, featuring continuing education from internationally respected medical educators as well as local professional allies. Of note, our efforts were celebrated by the overwhelming majority of attendees, and the volunteer docs who made the events happen are gratified by your enthusiastically positive feedback.
We retained our 2018 membership numbers, adding 3 new members going into 2019.
We have maintained professional lobbying services to surveil the 2018 interim session of the Montana legislature; establishing formal alliances with like-minded health care entities in mutual support of or opposition to a variety of legislative initiatives affecting the health and welfare of our patients. We are delighted to renew with Abby St Lawrence for the 2019 Legislative Session- MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our 2019 ADVOCACY DAY in Helena- March 19, 10am-3pm
Our Executive Director services include a heretofore unprecedented capacity to respond in a timely way to challenges and opportunities to inform the public about naturopathic medicine; ongoing policy and procedural sophistication; functional support for the volunteer leadership in the Working Groups that manifest projects to forward our mission; maintaining infrastructure that protects our corporate interests and financial well-being.
In 2019, Executive Director capacity will be expanded in arenas of public relations and social media presence especially with our transition to the able services of Ingrid Lovitt.
We delivered 30+ email newsletters to 100% of members. We are proud of a well above-average open- rate. This, and our membership numbers is one of the primary reasons we can attract and maintain corporate partner support for our efforts.
We altered our Spring Gathering to a practice-success model, sans CE hours, creating greater opportunity for corporate partners to access members regarding innovative products and services
In 2019, our goals include:
Maintaining current funding sources by responsively honing benefits and improving your access to our membership and interested non-members.
Expanding our roster of Corporate Partners, in anticipation of 2019 political action that will increase our related expenses.
Thoughtfully explore what legislative opportunities make the best sense to pursue and securing up-front funding to responsibly pursue success.
Facilitate social and education events in addition to our annual CE conferences, as opportunities to educate the public regarding our services (and your products).
Develop Montana-specific PR materials as well as continue to collaborate with the national effort to present a congruent message in a unified voice advocating for naturopathic medicine and our patients.
Expanding our social media presence, enhancing advertising and public education opportunities.