To Whom It May Concern,

When it comes down to it, I want to serve. I want to serve our profession and our community, and I chose to do this by serving on our board. 

I believe in organization, collaborative thinking, and responsible growth; and my intention/desire for this position is that our next year can be unifying. 

I am excited about the possibility of serving with Erika, as our time at Montana Whole Health has demonstrated that we are a complimentary pair. My thought oriented and idea generating nature is well balanced by her steadied pace and natural ability to vet ideas thoroughly before they are acted upon. In kind, her desire to keep things stable and work with what is proven is well-balanced by my continuous desire to innovate and use processes to create simplicity and efficiency. 

Finally – in roughly 6 months, I have built two fairly full practices by partnering with established physicians in Missoula. This shows I know that working together is a better route to building successful enterprise. I believe that I can use all of these skills, as well as my innate abilities, to further our organizational mission.

I wish I could honestly say to you that I have a clear vision for our organization, but I don’t have that. I simply have a love for the profession and a willingness to do the work it takes to keep it healthy and make it stronger. 

Skills I bring… I studied Economics at Vanderbilt University and spent a few years working as an analyst before medical school. I understand numbers and investment. I believe this will only benefit MANP. Further, I spent 5 years working in an unlicensed state, which forced me to get creative in how to use our skills to create paths to wellness against the resistance of unsupportive licensure. This demonstrates that I can be creative when that’s what it takes to be successful.