PRACTICE MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Listed here are LINKS to the companies and products that MANP Members have reported to find valuable, and a brief review on each from a person with experience with each product

Practice Fusion

“I don’t use a billing service, so I can’t help you there, but I use Practice Fusion for both my EHR and it has online scheduling built it. It’s free too and they are always improving it. So I like it, though I haven’t tried any others, free is the best for now!” MK


“We use Optimantra for billing, scheduling and EMR. I think it’s a great system. The support staff are extraordinarily responsive. They have been able to incorporate every one of our suggestions for features that make it really slick for a naturopathic practice.  Their fees are quite reasonable, and the value of the service and the comprehensive integration of function makes Optimantra my #1 choice of the three systems I’ve tried so far.” NDB


“I’ve used fullslate for scheduling in the past, and was very, very happy with them.  Patients loved being able to schedule online, and it would send patients email and text reminders for upcoming visits.  They had great customer service. Loved it for $30 /month.” CG


I use Outsmart by smartND for scheduling and EMR. They have been great, fairly new company about 18 months old, on top of all of the HIPPA and legal stuff. fairly easy to use and fairly reasonably priced.”JH

Back Office Solutions 


“I use Back Office Solutions for my medical billing service.  They are excellent.  I use Practice Fusion for EMR and like it just fine, but I heard better things about ChARM.  I use Bookeo as my appointment scheduling system. ” EK





“Kareo for scheduling, billing, online appointments – staff are currently frustrated with this program, not sure if this is something to recommend but it does do many things for the practice.  They seem to mess up appointment reminders and patients complain about not being able to understand the reminder call. We use Elation EMR – which is amazing, I think also expensive.  Developed by the children of a physician so it’s very user friendly.  e-script and faxing between providers is very easy (I would pay to use this system in the future; for dispensary we use FlexScanMD- staff do not particularly like this system.” AS