The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Institute for Natural Medicine have partnered to launch a new public education service. NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE: 100 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is a series of topic-specific facts and answers to questions covering everything people want and need to know about naturopathic doctors and naturopathic medicine.

FAQ 1 How are naturopathic doctors educated, trained, and licensed?

FAQ 2 What is naturopathic medicine?

FAQ 3 Under what circumstances should I choose to see a naturopathic doctor?

FAQ 4 What is the difference between a licensed naturopathic doctor and a naturopath?

FAQ 5 How should I choose a naturopathic doctor?

FAQ 6 Eight ways naturopathic medicine lowers your health care costs

FAQ 7  How do naturopathic doctors help people manage chronic pain without highly addictive opioids?

FAQ 8  How do naturopathic doctors and conventionally trained doctors work together?

FAQ 9  How does naturopathic medicine support breast cancer prevention and treatment?

FAQ #10 How do naturopathic physicians treat folks with diabetes


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