Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

I am interested in continuing to expand my work with the MANP Executive Committee.  I would like to be elected for the position of the MANP VP because I am passionate about expanding the recognition and scope of naturopathic medicine in Montana.  As the current MANP Secretary, I have gained extensive knowledge in the legislative process as well as valuable leadership experience.  I hope to continue to serve you actively in a leadership position.

Professionally, I completed a three year residency rotation in naturopathic oncology and primary care at Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic.  As a resident, I completed rotations at St. Vincent Healthcare – Frontier Cancer Center in Billings, helped to pioneer an additional naturopathic oncology residency site at Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute in Great Falls, and assist in supervising YNC’s naturopathic oncology residency program.  As an associate, I currently see patients at both YNC and BSCI.  In addition to my commitment to naturopathic oncology, homeopathy and gastrointestinal health are particular interests of mine.  I have also been a part of establishing the YNC SIBO Center in Billings, which is currently under my supervision.

As a transplant to Montana, I am absolutely in love with this beautiful state and all that it has to offer. My passion for naturopathic medicine runs deep, and I am so glad to promote this powerful medicine within Montana.  I truly believe that we can accomplish great things within this state’s naturopathic community by building cohesive relationships within the MANP and beyond, and I am looking forward to tapping into and expanding the membership resources that the MANP has already successfully built.

I value the work that this association has put forth into the establishment of naturopathic medicine in Montana by current and past members.  I look forward to learning more about the behind the scenes aspect of this association.  I welcome new growth and balance as we continue to build and operate as a unified team. 

Personally, I love hot springs soaking, sipping on a good cup of warm coffee, cuddling with my French bulldog, fly fishing hidden Montana streams, exploring and traveling, and openly welcoming any adventures that happen to cross my path.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Sincerely Yours,

Jennifer Krieger, N.D.








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