Jillian Stansbury received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine (ND) from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1988. A beloved educator, she chaired the Botanical Medicine Department at National University of Naturopathic Medicine for more that 20 years. Dr. Stansbury’s academic focus has been botanical materia medica, from constituent chemistries to cultivation and wild-crafting, through product development to advanced clinical applications, in a context of profound respect for indigenous peoples’ ethno-botanical knowledge.

Dr. Stansbury received a grant from the Firebird Foundation in 2008 to support her work documenting the botanical knowledge of native communities in the Peruvian Amazon.  She works with universities in Peru, developing clinical and research projects involving Amazonian botanical medicine.  She has nurtured a special relationship with people of the Ouceros tribe, assisting in particular with cultural sustainability projects; she leads trips to Cusco, Peru and the Peruvian Amazon each August.

Dr. Stansbury is the author of over 100 scientific papers and several books, including Herbs for Health and Healing; The Complete Guide to Natural Healing and The PCOS Health & Nutrition Guide. She is a contributing author to several publications, including the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review and The Review of Natural Products. She has served as consultant and science editor for Rodale Press, Vegetarian Times and Let’s Live. Jill is also a regular, popular guest on a number of radio and TV health shows.

Her creative and entrepreneurial projects include designing the Professional Herbal Tea line for Wise Woman Herbals, the “Sinus-Free” formula for Planetary Herbals, and authoring the Herbal Protocol Database for Gaia Herbs.


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As Clinic Director and primary care physician at Battle Ground Healing Arts in Battle Ground, WA, Dr. Stansbury specializes in classical naturopathic therapies for treatment of chronic conditions. Patients typically use a variety of botanical therapies, as well as clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy.

Dr. Stansbury is the mother of two grown children, an avid gardener, a musician, singer and artist. She spends half the year in South America with Cusco, Peru as a basecamp, from where she travels into the Amazon developing our knowledge of medicinal plants found there.  She has an interest in Native American cultures and is working to support the rights of all indigenous people.

J Stansbury ND

J Stansbury ND