October 7 – 13
Naturopathic Medicine Week Made EASY!
Dawn Dalili, ND, MANP President
Dear Friends and Colleagues!
Naturopathic Medicine Week is just around the corner. We have explored a variety of ways to make the most impact on the community, while having the least impact on our organizational budget. Making this a true success will require participation across the membership, but wholeheartedly believe we can pull off something wonderful. The plan is to flood facebook and other social media channels with profile pictures that say “I love my Naturopathic Doctor”. Here’s what you can do!
Email all of the subscribers of your newsletter list and provide them with the following information:
Dear [first name]
Join us in celebrating Naturopathic Medicine Week by setting the following image as your facebook profile from Oct 7-Oct 13. All you need to do is download the image and follow the instructions below. 
To upload a temporary profile picture:
  • Hover over your profile picture and click Update Profile Picture
  • Select, Upload Photos or Add Frame.
  • Click Make Temporary.
  • Select when to switch back to your previous profile picture.
  • Click Save.
  • Contact us at Info@montanand.org with questions