SYNOPSIS of MANP Bylaws relating to elections

The content below is copied without alteration from the 2015 MANP Bylaws; the ordering and formatting is edited for reading convenience. Note: Board of Directors = MANP Executive Committee


  • All corporate powers shall be exercised by or under the authority of the board of directors. 
  • The business and affairs of the nonprofit association shall be managed (as assigned to the administrative manager) under the direction of the board of directors. 
  • Each director shall have one vote on any matter that comes before the board.
  • The board shall appoint members and chairpersons of all committees.
  • The board shall approve an annual budget as prepared by the treasurer (or as assigned to the administrative manager) to be presented at the Fall meeting for approval by membership.
  • The board must approve expenditures or discretionary spending (not covered by annual budget), except as limited by member resolutions. 
  • The board has the responsibility to hire and fire paid staff or as otherwise documented with paid contractors.


Voting members have the exclusive right to select the board of directors (hereafter board).  This nonprofit association may also have one or more classes of nonvoting members, as prescribed in the bylaws. 

  • Members shall elect the officers who shall comprise the board and
  • shall select among the members in good standing the names of members (up to double number of board positions occupied by naturopathic physicians) of those qualified to serve on the naturopathic licensing board and present those names to the Governor of the state for her or his convenience in appointing candidates to fill vacancies on the state licensing board. The selection of these members shall take place as needed to address the board’s need.

See also under General Powers above: “The board shall approve an annual budget as prepared by the treasurer (or as assigned to the administrative manager) to be presented at the Fall meeting for approval by membership.”


If a vacancy occurs on the board of directors, including a vacancy resulting from an increase in the number of directors, the directors may fill the vacancy.  If the directors remaining in office constitute fewer than a quorum of the board, they may fill the vacancy by the affirmative vote of a majority of all the directors remaining in office.  When the directors elect a director to fill a vacancy, the director’s term shall be for the same term of the director being replaced.  

Number of Officers

The nonprofit association shall have the following officers who are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Administrative Manager


The board of directors shall comprise the elected officers in the manner prescribed in these bylaws.

  • On an interim basis, the board may fill vacant positions.
  • The same person may temporarily serve for more than one office, but not for all offices.



Unless the board of directors determine otherwise, the officers of the nonprofit association shall hold office for two years or until they resign, die or are removed, whichever is earlier.  A designation of a specified term does not grant to the officer any contract rights, and the board can remove the officer at any time prior to the termination of the designated term.

Committees/Working Groups & EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

The board of directors may create one or more committees to make recommendations for board approval. The board may appoint:

  • a Legislative Committee to report on proposed legislation and to promote legislation favorable to naturopathic medicine or which might affect the interests of naturopathic medicine.
  • a Public Relations Committee shall have charge of all publicity and continuing education. They may conduct campaigns approved by the Association or the Executive Committee for the education of the public concerning the merits of naturopathic medicine, and shall have charge of all entertainment sponsored by the Association.